Day: April 29, 2022

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost?

How Much is Stump Grinding Price by Diameter?

The rates of grinding stumps are determined by the diameter of the tree’s trunk, that is, how big around the stump of the tree is. The measurements are based on the diameter of inches instead of linear inches or square feet. The average stump grinding prices range from $2 and $5 per inch of diameter.

Although your stump might be tiny in diameter the majority of companies will be charging the minimum charge of $100 to provide grinding services.

How Much is Stump Grinding Near Your Area?

Prices for tree stump grinding tend to remain the same across the country, with few exceptions. Locations such as California may have higher prices due to the fact that local trees are generally large and tall. Contrary to that, a region such as Missouri could have smaller to moderate trees.

The costs for stump grinding in these states is:

  • Mississippi: $386
  • Arizona: $302
  • Massachusetts: $394
  • Maryland: $345
  • Idaho: $378
  • Missouri: $164
  • California: $487

Stump Grinder Cost Breakdown

Are you wondering how much it will cost to grind stumps? It’s a simple process, and you’ll be paying for three items. The cost of grinding the stump, the permits required to take the stump out, and the expense of putting sod on the pieces that remain.

Here’s the breakdown of the tree cost for stump grinding:


The majority of tree removal companies can grind the stump down in just an hour using grinders. The larger trees could require a bit more time however, the cost won’t change significantly. The cost is around $150 in labor costs total.

Be aware it is typically not included in the cost. If you require this service, it will be about $150 additional.

If you’re located in rural areas or you don’t have a tree removal service in your area it could be necessary to pay for mileage for the closest service to visit you. The average cost for mileage is $0.55 to the mile.


It is likely that you will require permits to remove the stump. This is due to the fact that there may be utility lines beneath the stump, which require additional precautions to ensure they don’t get struck. Permits are priced between $100-$500 according to the city in which you live.


After the tree has gone, you’ll need to level the area in the area where it was. If you don’t, it could leave a shabby lawn behind. Sodding is priced at $2 to $1 every sq ft.

How Much is Stump Grinding to do by yourself?

If you’re accustomed to large machinery and are confident about your skills it is possible to rent stump grinders for about $90. Since grinding is only one day, you could generally pick up the equipment early in the morning, and return it at night. So you only have to pay for one day’s rent.

However, if your stump is located near the utility line or close to your house You’ll need to leave it to the experts. If you engage a stump removal professional in your area they’ll be aware of the regulations prior to the time. This way you don’t have to be concerned regarding the lawfulness of your stump-removing procedure.

How Much Do Stump Grinding and Grinding Cost Compared to the cost of removing Stump?

There are only a handful of instances in which you’ll need to select stump grinding over stump removal. The only reason you’ll need to consider the stump grinder is when not feasible to remove the entire stump completely from your property.

Tree stumps can cost between $100 and 200 dollars greater than the stump-grinding. If you leave the roots untreated, they could cause damage to your pavers and cause damage to the foundation of your house and cause damage to the lawn.

How Much is Stump Grinding by Type of Tree Type?

Certain types of trees tend to have stronger and spread-out roots. This can cause the stump grinding price to increase. Other trees might have tougher bark, making cutting it more difficult. In these cases you might need to shell out an additional $50-$100 in accordance with the level of difficulty for the tree.

The trees that might require longer time to cut include:

  • Aspen
  • Birch
  • Elm
  • Hickory
  • Oaks

What is the cost to get rid of a Stump without Grinding it?

If you’re looking to save some cash there are a number of options you could consider. They do require time, and you’ll need to consider whether it’s worth it or not.

Here are a few tree stump removal options , as well as the prices for each one:


Burning a stump of a tree can cost about between $6 and $100. The majority of the cost is due to the purchase of potassium Nitrate.

Contact your local fire department first to make sure that there aren’t any restrictions on fire in your area . Then consult them on the best way to remove the fire if necessary. It can take hours to clear the stump, therefore it is recommended to set on a stool and prepare for a slow-burn.

Chemical Rotting

Chemical rotting requires potassium nitrate however, without the burning. Instead the wood will begin to begin to rot after a couple of weeks, until it is able to remove it. Chemical rotting is similar to burning, at about $6-$100.

Ax and Shovel

If you’re looking to remove the stump using the traditional method it is possible to make use of an axe and shovel. You can lease or buy these tools for $100 to $200. This will ensure that the whole stump and root system is removed.

FAQs on Stump Grinding

Why would you want to grind down an entire tree?

The process of cutting down trees can reduce the danger of pests and foundation damage and also improves the curb appeal of your home. The stump can also pose dangerous for your safety. If the grass rises over the stump, and somebody else cuts your yard you could be facing a rude shock when they accidently strike the stump.

Do tree removals encompass stump removal?

The costs for tree removal typically do not include stump removal, since it’s technically an entirely different category. The firm you choose to work with may provide the service at an extra charge, but. It is possible to inquire whether they can provide this service in order to make sure that you’re receiving the most efficient tree stump removal cost possible.