How To Remove a Large Tree?

If you’re looking to remove the ugly, huge tree that’s surrounded your property, the first plan is to call someone to pay the tree removal service to remove all the fallen leaves. But, this could be a huge expense There’s a cheaper, alternative that is more personal making it your own.

The task of cutting down trees that are large on your property may seem like impossible initially But using the proper tools, you are able to complete the task yourself.

In this article we’ll show you how to do to take down a huge tree by using elevated access. If you have a smaller tree that you wish to cut down, read the Small Tree Removal guide here.

Getting started

To remove a massive plant from your yard, you’ll require an array of tools. The tools you’ll require to make use of for large-scale removals comprise:

  • The fruit picker that can reach the highest branches.
  • An smaller chainsaw for making more precise cuts on smaller branches.
  • An pole pruning tool to reach branches further away.
  • A massive chainsaw that can cut through the more dense parts of the tree trunk.
  • An wooden chipper for mulch.
  • The Splitter for logs to make larger pieces of wood easy to move and work with.

Step 1 Be Safe!

You’ll need to prepare your work area so that there is no obstruction of fallen branches or falling debris. The area should be cordoned off with rope or cones. inform your family members that they aren’t allowed to come up to you while any of the machines are running and make sure they aren’t standing in the area where branches might fall.

Additionally, you should use the proper safety equipment. Start by wearing a full-length t-shirt with pants and a jacket when you’re high with the picker. Safety glasses for eyes is essential as well as earplugs to aid in preventing permanent hearing damage. Hard hats along with gloves and a dust mask must be worn all the time when machines are operating.

2. Destroying branches

The first step to remove the tree is using the cherry picker to climb up the trunk and cut off the entire tree with a chainsaw. Place the cherry picker underneath the tree, so that you can climb safely while reaching out to cut off branches. Make sure the cherry picking device is set on solid ground and the ground is as level as you can.

The cherry picker allows you the opportunity to cut off branches at the top of the tree prior to taking down the tree. Once inside the cage, you can attach the harness to the frame to ensure you’re secure prior to elevating yourself. Utilize your control panels to guide yourself to a position beneath the branches, so that you can cut cleanly and then let them fall down to earth. The cherry picker moves at a slow pace, so there is no chance of you spinning around uncontrollably. As you progress up the tree using your cherry picker you are able to take branches off using the tiny chainsaw.
Make use of the chainsaw’s small size to cut branches that which are easily accessible from the bucket for cherry picking. Check the chainsaw on the ground prior to strapping yourself to the cage, and check that it’s operating properly.

Make sure you cut straight across the branches that are at the top of the tree , so that they fall straight into the secure cordoned space below. After you’ve cut what you can with the tiny chainsaw, return to the ground level, and switch the pole trimmer. This gives you more reach on the highest point of the tree so you’ll be able to remove the lower branches. Less branches mean lower impact to the ground should the tree is lowered.

Both the large and small chainsaws are able to be used at height , and then back to the ground, too. Be sure to be sure to cut your own body to ensure that you don’t pull the chainsaw towards you as you cut by cutting through wood. If you’re cutting at a low angle ensure that the chain isn’t touching the ground as it can cause damage to the tool.

For branches that are difficult to reach For branches that are difficult to reach, use the pole pruner to cut them down. Check the pole’s pruner prior to returning it up with the cherry picking machine. The same way you did with the chainsaw, trim the branches until they are straight down.

3. Moving the trunk down

After you’ve taken the branches off then you can cut the trunk until the entire tree is lowered. If you don’t have enough space on your property to allow it to be able to drop all at all at once, break it down into smaller parts using the big chainsaw. Begin at the top and take out the top first, and then proceed to lower until the entire tree is down. To cut the tree, create a wedge in the tree’s trunk. Trees will drop into that direction once you create an additional hinge cut directly in front of it.

Once the entire trunk is cut, break it into shorter straight pieces using the chainsaw large enough that the wood is cut into pieces. To get the most efficient cut, cut through 80% of the timber, then turn it around and then end the last 20% from the other side.

step 4: Applying an Log Splitter

After you’ve removed the tree, you might discover that you have lots of extra branches you’ll need to eliminate. It is possible to use a chipper to transform branches into mulch to use in your garden.

The log splitter can help make the bulkier sections of the tree simpler to handle by breaking the logs in half. It’s an extremely powerful machine that is best operated by someone who is knowledgeable about how to operate it. The tree will be able to provide instructions on how to use this.

The chunks of trunk that are square in the splitter with the lifting mechanism. Place the logs directly beneath the blades of hydraulic and watch them break apart effortlessly. Make use of the splitter to slice each piece of wood into half, and then again in half to ensure that the desired size.