How to Write a Tree Removal Request Letter

Although trees are typically appreciated because of their beauty as well as shade, and their contribution for fresh air and shade, there can be occasions that a tree might need to be taken down. Trees may interfere with power lines, and have dead branches, and even trunks that could pose danger to people who live nearby, and can block the view of the stunning panorama from one’s balcony.

Whatever the reason behind trees being removed It isn’t normally legal to remove an individual’s tree without authorization. This permission can be granted by the owner of the tree, or from the town, city or the county which is the owner of the tree. The writing of a request for removal can be the very first thing you do in the removal of a tree.

If a tree poses a risk to children playing within the vicinity due to the fact that it is in contact with an electrical line, it should be removed immediately. The tree which is secure in the early days of winter could become dangerous in the event of the onset of an ice-storm or strong winds. Anyone who wishes to have removal of the tree should first contact the local office in question and inform them where the tree that is dangerous is situated and what the risk appears to be.

After announcing by phone
After contacting the police the person can then write an application for removal of the tree, stating all the information and details. The city will receive officials a hard copy of the documents regarding the risks caused by the tree. The sender must keep an original duplicate of this letter.

If the city does not take action within 7 days, the citizen should contact the city’s office and again remind them that the tree is a risk. The resident should determine whether there is a form that must be filled out to request tree removal of the town. If it is the letter could be included with the form.

Dangerous Tree

If the person who owns the tree in danger is an individual or a person, the person asking for its removal should notify the owner in advance via telephone in the event that he or had not noticed the danger. The owner may then decide to have it removed with the city. If someone would like the tree to be removed for any other reasons other than a potential threat, he or she should send the owner a tree removal request letter detailing the reasons they wish to have the tree removed.

Common reasons include:

  • The leaves litter the yard of neighbors
  • The roots are damaging the driveway of a neighbor.
  • The tree obscures the gorgeous view.
  • The tree is not tall enough in accordance with local regulations.
  • The tree has sap dripping onto the car of the neighbor.
  • The tree is ugly, dead and rotting.

The person must ensure that they spell the name of their neighbor in the correct way. If they are aware of the kind or species of tree must be noted. The exact location of the tree should be clearly identified. The person should provide a brief explanation of the reasons why they want the tree to be removed.

If there isn’t a good reason to get rid of the tree, then the owner will just ignore the request. It is courteous to say that the owner is willing to discuss the issue in person and also mention that they will pay for any costs required to take down the tree.