Stump Removal vs Stump Grinding

If you’ve ever taken down one of your trees and left the stump behind or you plan to get rid of the tree that is in your yard, stump removal as well as stump grinding are methods which can be employed to minimize unsightly patches land, hazards to safety, and provide habitats for unwanted creatures.

The removal of the tree in your yard could have negative results if done in a proper manner. When the trunk of a tree has been removed it is recommended to take away the stump, so that it is no longer the risk of a potential danger for pedestrians to fall on and a space for the growth of new plants or an ideal habitat for insects. It also becomes an unattractive lawn mower problem.

The sight of a tree stump within your backyard is usually unappealing to the eye. The process of creating an appealing landscape around the stump is a challenge. Mowing or weed whacking may result in damage to your machinery and cause sharp pieces of wood ricocheting across the entire area. Pests love decaying wood, and will discover a way to transform your old stump an attractive new nesting spot and leave your yard swarming with insects, and even causing more infestations in the healthy trees. Removal of the stump is generally the most efficient option employing one of two strategies either stump removal or grinding.

Stump Removal

The process of removing a stump without the use of a grinder usually involves digging up the entire stump as well as the roots of it to remove the soil and away from the trees. It is a labor-intensive task since the majority of stump root balls are 5-10 times larger than the tree. Equipment like an excavator or backhoe are chained to the stump in order to lift it off the soil. This procedure leaves a big gap in the lawn which can be hazardous and ugly. The heavy equipment used in the process may cause a number of negative effects on your lawn, making ruts and breaking up grass.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a process that utilizes a machine using hydraulic cylinders which rotate cutting disks that chip away at the stump with extremely high speed. The stump is usually ground to about 6 inches beneath the ground surface, which means that insects won’t be able to build nests. A tree stump that is ground leaves the wood chip mulch that you can make the hole larger or to be used other areas of your landscaping. The stump crusher is smaller equipment than the machinery that is used to remove tree stumps and will not ruin your lawn, or leave unwelcome footprints on your walkways or driveways.