Day: April 23, 2022

Common Causes of Tree Removal

Trees are an attractive and useful aspect of the world all around us. Many homeowners love the trees they have and try to do everything they can to maintain their health. The same goes for Ping’s, who is committed to offering the best tree care, both remedial and preventative. However, even with the best attempts, there can be occasions that trees need to be removed. This blog will discuss some of the most frequent situations that call for removal of trees.

Dead Trees

Every homeowner or property manager is apprehensive about seeing trees die. The sad reality is that trees die from time to time. When a tree dies and is gone, there’s nothing else to do…except to take it down. The removal is essential since a dead tree will slowly weaken. As the tree becomes weaker it will lose its capacity to withstand the force of the storm or additional weight. The force of snow, ice, storms and winds may break branches off or even bring down the dead tree. The falling of a dead or even a single branch could cause significant destruction to nearby homes vehicles, homes, or individuals. Dead trees are a huge danger and must be taken down in the earliest time feasible.

Trees with diseases

The most common reason for death to trees is the disease. It is possible to not be aware the tree is infected until irreparable damage has already taken place. In recent times central Indiana has been hit by a severe outbreak of the emerald Ash borer. A number of ash trees have lost their lives because of this insect. If you own an ash tree with a diseased condition it is crucial to get it examined promptly to ensure that it is taken care of before it is too late. The removal of a tree immediately that is in need of aid is typically the recommended. This not only helps avoid the eventual weakness that may occur as the tree ages and dies, but it also will stop the spread of the illness to the surrounding trees. If you spot symptoms of an illness in your tree Ping’s will look into the tree and suggest action.

Trees that have been damaged

Unfortunately, some healthy trees are subject to damage that is inevitable. Extreme weather (both storms and winter storms) can harm trees. Particularly, lightning may cause injury when it strikes. Trees can be seriously injured by lightning strikes. It could take years for the tree to reveal the extent of the damage. Other causes of damage include animals, or accidentally contact with a vehicle or another solid object. It is important to analyze this situation and determine whether the tree will be repaired. Ping’s assist you in making an informed choice about the tree that is damaged.

Encroaching Trees

The trees are active and growing, which means their impacts on their environment may alter. When they are planted the tree, it may have an ideal spot. But, as they grow, new structures are constructed around trees. Tree roots nearby can cause problems with the foundation of a home or building. Additionally, the growing branches could block the path of power lines and other utilities. Additionally, trees could become obstructed by a favorited view. The trees that cause these kinds of problems are typically removed.

Anxious Trees

Some trees are not equally loved. Certain healthy trees can be unattractive. They might shed annoying seeds or produce fruit. Certain trees are naturally fragile and more prone to breaking. In some cases, it may just be a preference for a specific kind of tree. In other cases it could be that you want to use the land that is occupied by a tree for a different use. If you find yourself with an unattractive tree, its removal is entirely up to you. You can decide to do it at your time or decide it’s not worth the effort and just let it be.